Cowspiracy: My Review

I have a challenge for y’all! I challenge those of you who are reading this┬áto go and watch Cowspiracy. I just finished watching it and am deeply moved. Cowspiracy is a documentary which highlights how corrupt the meat and dairy industry is and the benefits of a plant-based, vegan lifestyle. I learnt from a young … More Cowspiracy: My Review

Ready, Set, Run!

I’m preparing for a half marathon y’all! On June 26 I’ll be running 13.1 miles (I’m only half crazy, haha!) in the Faxon Law Fairfield Half Marathon! I’ve been thinking of running a half marathon for a while, and this one seems perfect. It’s located at Jennings Beach, which is on the shoreline of Fairfield, … More Ready, Set, Run!

My Inspirations

Hey y’all! I’ve been accumulating a list of people who inspire me, all of whom have character traits which I admire. The list includes artists, musicians, and activists. Hopefully this will inspire some of you to look up these people and really see how they’ve impacted the world. First on the list are some individuals … More My Inspirations