Spring Things #2

one // two // three // four // five // six Hey y’all! Seeing as spring officially begins next week, I decided to do another post on what to wear this season. Spring is an in-between season (if that makes sense), separating winter and summer. I find that the weather can be warm one day, … More Spring Things #2

Making the Cut!

Hey y’all! This post is going to be a little shorter than usual, however, I wanted to keep to my posting schedule. If you read my post, 16 Resolutions 2016, I made a resolution that I was going to donate my hair. I’ve recently been scrolling through  images on Pinterest of some cute, short haircuts. I … More Making the Cut!

Spring Things 2016

Hey y’all! It’s almost Groundhog Day, which means in two days we’ll know whether spring is arriving early or if there is going to be six more weeks of winter. I’m hoping spring will come early – and in preparation I’ve decided to round-up a few of my favorite spring fashion trends! Trend #1: I love … More Spring Things 2016