Vegan Twix Bars

I was craving something chocolaty the other day, and can y’all guess what I found a recipe for?! Vegan Twix bars! This recipe from Bakerita was absolutely delicious. I was somewhat skeptical when I saw this recipe because I thought, “How is it possible to make a Twix bar healthy and have it still taste like … More Vegan Twix Bars

Vegan Blondie Recipe

I tried another vegan recipe y’all! This vegan blondie recipe was super easy to make and only required four ingredients! I had too many bananas that were almost over-ripe, so I decided to find a recipe that I could use them in. The recipe for vegan blondies I found from The Big Man’s World did the … More Vegan Blondie Recipe

Coconut Lovin’

I just tried coconut milk ice cream y’all! Over the weekend I went to Trader Joe’s, where I spotted non-dairy ice cream made with coconut milk! This is obviously a vegan option to regular ice cream, so I was very excited. It didn’t taste exactly like ice cream made with milk, however, it had a … More Coconut Lovin’