Back to School Supplies and Organization

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It’s time to go back to school! One of my favorite parts of heading back to school is picking out my school supplies and organizing them for each class. I am one of those people who can’t think without organization, and spends way too long going over exactly what I need for each class. I thought I’d share some of my organization tips for some of you who’d like to be more put together for the start of the school year.


Make sure you have supplies that will be useful in your classes and will last you all year. My go-to staples are a spiral notebook and folder for each class. I like to get the Mead Five Star Wirebound College Ruled 1 Subject Notebooks  (the thin lines keep my handwriting neat) and the Mead Five Star Stay-Put Folder w/ Prongs (the hard plastic is more durable than the paper folders). I’ll head to Walmart to pick up my basic supplies because they are typically cheaper there than at other stores. While I’m there I also pick up pencils, a big eraser  (because the ones on my pencils don’t last haha), a mini stapler, pens (I like the Bic Round Stic 1 mm Ball Pens in black and blue ink), flashcards, sticky notes, and Sharpies.


Once I have all my supplies, I organize them by class. I’ll match a binder with a folder and label the top right corner with the name of the class that I’m using it for. After that, I take a Sharpie and color the tops of the papers so that when I’m looking down at everything in my backpack, I’ll know which notebook I need based on its color.


This one is huge. Firstly, you need a planner to tell you what assignments are due on what days for which class (ah, that was confusing!). I got my planner from Anthropologie and it’s super helpful because I have a daily planner and monthly calendars. I use my daily planner solely for school, and the monthly calendar for birthdays, weekend plans, important dates, etc. Secondly, I need my class schedule with me wherever I go. What I suggest doing is creating a Word document and making a graph with two columns. In the first column, put your class’ start and end time, and in the second column, put the class name. After you’re done with that, save the document and email it to yourself. When you open it on your phone, take a snapshot. My school has an eight day rotating schedule, so I made eight of those, and I rotate them as my lock screen so that I know what classes I have that day and what time I have them.



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