My 1st Half Marathon

untitled (111)I did it y’all! I can cross running a half marathon off of my bucket list! On Sunday, I ran the Fairfield Half Marathon with one of my best running friends. It was definitely a challenge, but I’d love to do it again to try to beat my time.

untitled (113)

What I liked about the half marathon was that there was so much positivity and support amongst runners and the crowds watching the race. During the race, families blasted music and faced their sprinklers towards passing runners for motivation to keep running. At the end, runners congratulated each other for their race. I was also happy that I was able to use my Charity Miles app while I ran to raise just over three dollars to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital! The app (in collaboration with a number of sponsors) donates 25¢ to a charity of your choice for every mile you run.

I will say that running a half marathon is not easy. It was HOT while I was running, and I’m not sure my body handled the heat very well. I didn’t feel well by mile nine and drinking water didn’t help me. Next time, I plan on wearing a hat while I run and bringing sunscreen to protect myself. Also, my feet were ruined after I was done running. I’ve always struggled with toenails turning black and falling off due to running, but the half marathon really took this to a new extreme. Three of my toes swelled up, and I’m pretty sure the nails are going to fall off :(.

Overall, I had a great time running the half marathon, and I’d love to do another in the future (once my nails grow back haha)!


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