Summer ’16 Photo Roundup

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Happy summer y’all! Summer has just barely started, but I’ve done so much already that I want to share with y’all some of my adventures. The start of summer, for me, consists of reviving old traditions and possibly making new ones. I always make time in the beginning of summer to hang out with friends. I spend my summers down south, so I don’t get to see my friends as often as I’d like. Two major things I’ve done with my friends so far this summer is spending a day in NYC and going to a concert.

#1 : NYC DAY

NYC was so much fun! I was celebrated my friend’s birthday in the city by going to the One World Trade Observatory, which was absolutely stunning. There was a 360 degree viewing platform where you could see the entire city. While I was there, I took a moment to remember those who were impacted by 9/11. I could see the 9/11 memorial from the top of the tower (image ^), and it took my breathe away. After watching the sunset up in the observatory, we went to Sweet Revenge for cupcakes (yum!).


I can cross “Go to a concert” off my bucket list! I went to see The Neighbourhood about one week ago at College Street Music Hall in New Haven, CT. Kevin Abstract and MOTHXR were the opening performers for the band and both did a fantastic job. I was listening to their music before the show (and am still listening to it now), and was very impressed. The Neighbourhood was the highlight of the night, however, giving a fantastic performance of hits from I Love You and Wiped Out. I was also ecstatic when they played “Jealousy” from their mix tape. Overall, it was a great first concert and I’d love to go to see The Neighbourhood in concert again.

More to come about my summer adventures! I’m doing a half marathon on Sunday, so I’ll make sure to post about my experience!


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