Vegan Blondie Recipe

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I tried another vegan recipe y’all! This vegan blondie recipe was super easy to make and only required four ingredients! I had too many bananas that were almost over-ripe, so I decided to find a recipe that I could use them in. The recipe for vegan blondies I found from The Big Man’s World did the job just fine. They’re perfect as a dessert, snack, or possibly as a breakfast!

 Something I loved about this recipe was that I got to use coconut flour! I had just bought coconut flour and coconut sugar from the health isle in the grocery store, and was dying to use them in a recipe. I still haven’t used the coconut sugar, but in this recipe I got to use the coconut flour. My favorite thing about it – the smell. I love the smell of coconut (is that weird?)! Anyway, I 100% recommend this recipe!

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