Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Taste Test


untitled (2)

I tried another vegan ice cream y’all! You might remember a few weeks ago I tried Trader Joe’s coconut milk ice cream, which I though was pretty good. It didn’t taste too much like regular ice cream, however. I was hoping that Ben & Jerry’s would do a better job, since ice cream is their expertise.

There were very few non-dairy Ben & Jerry’s in the store, so I was happy that I was able to find the flavor I was hoping to get – Chocolate Fudge Brownie. I was so excited, that I began eating it the second I got home from the store.

My first impression was that it was really good, however, it didn’t taste like their other ice creams. Firstly, the consistency was different. It definitely wasn’t as creamy, which is understandable since they used almond milk. I think if they had used coconut milk it would have been creamier. It also lacked flavor. The dessert didn’t have the rich, chocolaty flavor that I got from their regular ice creams.

Overall, I think Ben & Jerry’s made a great effort! I did enjoy the ice cream, and I ate the entire pint over the course of two days! I’m going to try search for their other non-dairy desserts, and when I find them, I’ll do a follow-up post.

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