Vegan Blondie Recipe

I tried another vegan recipe y’all! This vegan blondie recipe was super easy to make and only required four ingredients! I had too many bananas that were almost over-ripe, so I decided to find a recipe that I could use them in. The recipe for vegan blondiesĀ I found from The Big Man’s World did the … More Vegan Blondie Recipe

Cowspiracy: My Review

I have a challenge for y’all! I challenge those of you who are reading thisĀ to go and watch Cowspiracy. I just finished watching it and am deeply moved. Cowspiracy is a documentary which highlights how corrupt the meat and dairy industry is and the benefits of a plant-based, vegan lifestyle. I learnt from a young … More Cowspiracy: My Review

Coachella ’16

Coachella ’16 is here y’all! Well, not until the 15th, but it’s coming up. I decided I’d share some outfit ideas for those of you who are attending a music festival (lucky you!). I’ve noticed that music festival fashion is mostly boho, laid-back, comfortable clothing, which makes sense, since you’ll be running around listening to … More Coachella ’16