Half Marathon Update

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I hope y’all had a nice Easter! Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, I hope you had a nice day. Funny story – my family and I were supposed to go to Church early in the morning (or at least early for me) yesterday, but because we were down south and not at the Church we usually go to, we forgot to check to see what time the service started and were two hours early! I was a little bugged at first, but I got over it once we got back home and had breakfast.

Since we came down south for Easter, I missed a few track practices. I wanted to make sure that I continued running to train, not only for track, but for the half marathon I’ll be doing in June. So, I decided to invest in some ear buds to give me some incentive to run. Running without a buddy can be boring, so I thought that listening to music would help my workout go a little quicker. I got these ear buds from Dick’s Sporting Goods and they did the job just fine!

One downside to wearing the ear buds when your running is that you may have trouble hearing cars approaching. What I did was I wore only one ear bud so that I could listen to music and still be able to hear the cars.

I also made a playlist on my phone just for running, to which I gave a creative title, “Run” (haha). I’m a fan of Indie Rock music, so my playlist consisted mostly of Two Door Cinema Club, The Neighbourhood, and the Arctic Monkeys. I mean, who wouldn’t love listening to Sweater Weather while they’re running? On a side note – who’s going to Coachella this year?! If you are, make sure you go to see The Last Shadow Puppets. Alex Turner, one of my favorite musicians, is a member of the group and has an AMAZING voice. I’ll be posting my fashion picks for Coachella in an upcoming post, so be on the lookout!

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