My Half Marathon Training Story

untitled (87)I accidentally ran 10 miles y’all! “How do you accidentally run 10 miles?” you may ask. Funny story… As you may remember, about a week ago I posted that I’d be training for a half marathon in June. I asked a friend of mine if she’d like to join me in the race, and she agreed. We usually run together, and a few days ago we decided that we were going to attempt to run a little over eight miles to increase our mileage. The most we’d run before was seven miles, and that route has an extension of about one mile. So, we decided we’d try it out and run eight and a half(ish) miles.

Our run was going perfectly, until we made an accidental left turn when we were supposed to go right. The extension was a loop, so every turn we had to make was a right turn. There was a short, steep hill right before the turn and we must have been so focused on getting up the hill we didn’t see the right turn. In our defense, the right turn led to a skinny road that appeared to be more of a driveway than a road.

As we continued down the road, I had extreme déjà vu. I recognized where we were running from a few months earlier when my cross country coach dropped a group of girls, me included, off at the end of a road and telling us to run back to our school. He told us that the run back was five miles. When I finally realized where we were, I told my friend that we must’ve made a mistake and we ran back. We were so annoyed when we got back to the steep hill and saw the road that we were supposed to take!

We ran the rest of the route, and by the time we were done we had run 10+ miles in two hours. I was surprised that I wasn’t that tired afterwards, which shows me that I could do a half marathon.

Here’s a tip for anyone trying a new run – make sure you take your phone with you! I stupidly forgot to take my phone with me that day, and if I had taken it I might’ve realized earlier that I needed to make that right turn. I don’t, however, regret running 10 miles. I actually felt really good running it and it was a lot of fun!

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