Spring Things #2

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Hey y’all! Seeing as spring officially begins next week, I decided to do another post on what to wear this season. Spring is an in-between season (if that makes sense), separating winter and summer. I find that the weather can be warm one day, then freezing the next. This can make picking out a practical outfit difficult. Here are some tips that I came up with to help y’all…

Tip #1: Cardigans are your best friend! On those in-between days, you might want to throw on a tank top with a cardigan. If it gets warm you can always take off the additional layer. You could do the same for a dress. This dress from Urban Outfitters would be perfect for spring!

Tip #2: Holes. No, not the movie Holes, I’m talking about shirts and pants with holes/rips in them. This shirt from Urban has cutouts in the shoulders which would be nice on a chilly or warm day. Also, ripped jeans like these are comfortable for the in-between weather. American Eagle jeans fit me nicely, and they usually have a range of styles and washes to choose from.

Tip #3: If you’re not ready to put on a pair of shorts just yet, skirts can be your best friend. You can wear skirts year round, and if your legs get cold, you can always put on tights. Denim is trending right now, so these skirts would be perfect.

Tip #4: Shoes can be a problem in the in-between weather. You can either go with shoes with cutouts for your toes like these booties or if it’s warmer you can wear sandals with a pair of jeans. If it’s rainy, obviously go for a pair of rain boots. Hunter rain boots tend to last for a while and are perfect for splashing in puddles!

Tip #5: I’ve noticed that longer necklaces are becoming popular. This necklace from Bauble Bar would make a simple tee like this look even nicer. You can even add stacking rings, like these from Pandora to spice up your look. Accessorizing can make any outfit look just a bit prettier.

Tip #6: Braids! I think that braids are a perfect year-round hairstyle. One of my favorite blogs, Barefoot Blonde, has so many cute braided hairstyles to try. I’ve tried a few of her braids, as I’d like to do as much with my long hair as I can before I cut it.


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