Trial & Error: Calligraphy

untitled (2)

untitled (4)

untitled (7)

Hey y’all! I got a calligraphy set for Christmas, and I’ve been meaning to try it out. I had some extra time over the weekend, so I decided to use the set when making a thank you card to my grandma. I was intimidated at first because I didn’t want ink all over my house and on my clothes, but I went for it anyway! The first thing I did was pick out my ink color. There were so many different colors, but of course I chose black. After I chose my color, I set up my pen, which also required me to chose a nib. Basically, nibs are different widths which can make your writing skinny or thick. The one I chose wasn’t too skinny or thick, I thought I made a pretty good decision! After writing “thank you” all over my scrap paper, I made an attempt to write out the card. I thought it came out well, but I definitely have more practicing ahead of me!

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