Chia Breakfast Pudding

untitled (55)

untitled (56)
Day #1
untitled (57)
Day #2

I have another recipe for y’all! I guess I’ve just been into try new recipes recently. This time I made a chocolate chia (try saying that three times fast) breakfast pudding. By the way, this recipe is vegan! If you’re going to make this pudding, remember that in order to get the pudding consistency, you have to refrigerate it for a while (I left mine in the fridge overnight), so that the chia seeds absorb all the liquid. I had my chia pudding for breakfast topped with plenty of fruit. Yum! It was super tasty and filling. I was able to have it two mornings in a row before it was gone. I’d recommend this recipe for anyone who isn’t a fan of usual breakfast foods (like me!) or who wants to change up their breakfast diet.

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