Vegan Recipes #2

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I have some more vegan recipes for y’all! In my first vegan recipe post, I made a shake and some brownies. This time I whipped up some cookies and ice cream. They were both super tasty! In the recipe for the chocolate chip cookies, it was suggested that you use some sort of non-hydrogenated shortening and non-dairy milk. I ended up using coconut oil and coconut milk. At first I was worried that the cookies would have an overpowering coconut flavor, but they didn’t! In fact, I couldn’t pick up any coconut flavor, they just tasted like regular chocolate chip cookies. I rolled my dough into balls and put them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper before sticking them in the oven. Yum! I’ll definitely make these again!

The second recipe was chocolate ice cream that was made with frozen bananas, coconut milk, peanut/almond butter, and cacao powder. This recipe was really good and super filling. The original recipe suggests putting the ice cream in the freezer before serving it, but I was so excited to try it and I ate it right after I took it out of the blender. I would definitely recommend trying both recipes!

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