Spring Things 2016

untitled (27)

Hey y’all! It’s almost Groundhog Day, which means in two days we’ll know whether spring is arriving early or if there is going to be six more weeks of winter. I’m hoping spring will come early – and in preparation I’ve decided to round-up a few of my favorite spring fashion trends! untitled (35).png

Trend #1: I love pastels! They remind me of Easter and those cute Valentine’s Day candy hearts that say things like, “Will you be mine?” Cute! This pastel dress would be adorable this spring with a cute pair of booties like these. Trend #2: Fringe! I personally love this hippie-esque trend that can be found on skirts like this one. Trend #3: Loose-fitting clothing! I really like this trend because you are able to wear clothes that are cute and comfortable. I love this top from Urban Outfitters. It would look adorable with a pair of white jeans and flats. Trend #4: Lace (and no I’m not talking about Lace from The Bachelor)! I think that lace clothing is perfect for springtime. This shirt especially is really delicate and pretty. Trend #5: Flirty dresses! I love midi dresses like this one for spring. They are just long enough so that you’re legs won’t get too cold on a crisp day, but not too long where you feel like you’re wearing a ball gown! Trend #6: Get a haircut! I really hope that I’ll get around to donating my hair this spring (if you remember it was one of my resolutions for 2016 to donate my hair), I think that spring is the perfect time to cut your hair. Spring is a time for new beginnings and rebirth – one way to reinvent yourself is giving yourself a makeover. Hopefully spring comes early this year!

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