Vegan Recipes

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I’m sticking to my resolutions y’all! In my post 16 Resolutions 2016, I said one thing that I wanted to do this year was to eat more plant-based. This week, I was able to make two vegan recipes that were delicious! I whipped up a breakfast shake and was able to bake brownies.

I loved the recipe for this shake! It didn’t have too many ingredients and was very simple to make. The frozen bananas made it nice and cold (if you don’t like chilled shakes, you can add bananas that are not frozen). Also, the shake made enough to fill almost two cups,  and was very filling. This recipe would be a great recovery smoothie, as the Vegan Yack Attack suggests, but it would also be great in the morning to start your day!

These brownies were super chocolaty and fudgy!  They were a little healthier than a typical brownie (besides the fact that they didn’t contain milk or eggs), as they contained avocado and olive oil instead of butter. I thought they were delicious, and even though I didn’t have chocolate chips as the original recipe had, they had a wonderful chocolate taste. I’m so pleased that I was able to make these recipes – they made my stomach and the environment happy!




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